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Parkwood’s Program for Rehabilitation Innovations in Movement Enhancement

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OVERALL GOAL: The best therapy delivered to the right person at the right time. 


The PRIME team is made up of clinicians, researchers, persons with lived experience (i.e., patients and caregivers), and administrative leaders. PRIME uses a practice-based research infrastructure to collect PT therapy activities and outcomes, with the goal of identifying which therapies or groups of therapies seem to have the biggest impact on an individual, considering their personal and injury characteristics.


"Ultimately, we believe personalized therapy will have the biggest impact in people's lives"

1. Collect standardized battery of assessments


2. Collect therapy activities in a systematic way


3. Creating environment for clinical improvement and reflection by presenting results back to the clinicians for their interpretation

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4. Developing a clinical decision support system using a collaborative clinical and research IT platform.

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