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Sharon Chen

Medical Sciences (Class of 2026)

It’s been very fun working with the R2P team and I’ve learned a lot from both the staff here and the class participants.

Kimberly Marie Fernandes

Honours Specialization in Health Sciences (Class of 2026)

Working alongside Dalton and R2P members has enabled me to be part of a team of like-minded individuals. We collaborate with scientists, clinicians, administrators, and people with lived experiences to tackle clinically relevant questions. I have already learned so much and am looking forward to the growing opportunities and experiences with R2P.

Elena Evgenya Kikinova

Honours BA in Kinesiology & Minor in Psychology (Class of 2025)
Canadian Summer Job

I have loved every second working with Parkwood Institute. Everyone is so nice, helpful, and understanding. On top of that, I have learned so much and now reconsidering what I want to pursue in the future as I loved it here so much.

Stefania Staudohar

Honours BSc in Kinesiology (Class of 2026)

Working alongside Dalton and the rest of the R2P team has let me connect with many incredible individuals on both the patient and clinician side of rehabilitative medicine. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spotting in classes and working hands-on at the gym, and I'm excited to continue with R2P over the summer and into next Fall.

Salina Tea

Honours Specialization in Health Sciences & Certificate in Digital Communications (Class of 2024)
Work Study

Working with the R2P team has been wonderful, and it has provided me with numerous opportunities to combine both of my passions in digital communications and the health sciences – something that I thought would be very difficult to find. It is very rewarding to be working with such a talented and supportive team filled with amazing individuals.

Emma Mikayla Kalapun

Honours Specialization in Kinesiology & Minor in Rehabilitation Sciences (Class of 2026)

Working alongside the R2P team is a pleasure as there is a continuous sense of community and support for both our collective efforts and individual goals. Since joining R2P, I have discovered a passion for research and I am continuously inspired by both the team and participants.

Erica Lo

MPT/PhD Student (Class of 2027)

The R2P team has played an invaluable role in my development as an aspiring clinician-scientist. Working with the R2P team has allowed me to not only improve my research skills but also understand how to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams and create clinically meaningful research. The R2P team creates opportunities that are meaningful to the students working with them, and I cannot thank them enough for their mentorship and support!

Diksha Joshi

Double Major in Health Sciences (Honours Spec.) & Psychology (Class of 2024)
Work Study

I’ve had such a positive experience working with the R2P team over the last few months. Not only do I get to work with an incredible group of like-minded individuals, I learned how professionals from so many backgrounds (both clinical and non-clinical) can create an impact through their expertise. As a student hoping to work as a health care professional, I feel optimistic and excited to one day work in a similar context.

Logan Moldenhauer

Honours Specialization in Rehabilitation Sciences (Class of 2024)

Being a part of the R2P team has been amazing! To me, the group represents a collection of incredible people striving to make a positive impact on the lives of others and inspire each other along the way. Fortunately, this process is only made easier by the incredible participants who never cease to make me smile during a class or motivate me to continue to fill my role to the best of my ability. As a part of the team, I have learned so much about the benefits of virtual fitness from a physical and social perspective and furthered my self-understanding and career trajectory to continue working in such a fascinating field with marvellous people.

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