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We bring together a form of Participatory Action Research and Implementation Science into initiatives that utilize Practice-based Research, quality improvement, and/or traditional research methods. 

The magic involves how we integrate clinical, research, and education activities to answer relevant research and/or clinical questions.

Participatory Approach

Collaboration is key! We are embedded within programs at Parkwood Institute and work on issues that are most relevant to those on the front lines and the patients they serve. Engagement efforts involve an integrated Knowledge Translation approach and focus on persons with lived experience to inform what we do and how we do it. 

Practice-based Research

When appropriate, we employ practice-based research methods powered by implementation science to generate evidence with a high degree of generalizability and relevance.

Implementation Science

Applying the Active Implementation Frameworks (along with other evidence-informed implementation and integrated Knowledge Translation approaches) ensures that our efforts lead to an iterative and integrated practice improvement.


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