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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

The R2P team collaborated with the SCI Program at Parkwood to implement sexual health practice. In this blog post, we share how the program ensures the sustainability of sexual health practice.

Over the last 2 years the SCI program at Parkwood, in partnership with R2P has implemented a Sexual Health Practice aimed at addressing sexual health concerns of patients across the rehabilitation continuum.  One essential component of this practice to help ensure its sustainability has been the ongoing training and coaching of staff.  Recently in August, the SCI program launched a Sexual Health E learning module to help address those training needs. 

The E-learning module helps staff debunk common myths around sex and disability and explores how staff can get more comfortable talking about sex.  It also outlines the current sexual health practice, describing the different roles each discipline can play to support it. 

To date, staff have had positive feedback!  The module has also been shared with other rehabilitation hospitals across the Consortium and received praise from the team of Sexual Health Clinicians at GF Strong

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