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BrainEx90 is a combined physiotherapy and occupational therapy treatment group, designed and implemented by Parkwood’s ABI team with a standardized assessment battery and dataset. University students and patient volunteers support the implementation of this program. Participants attend a 90-minute weekly session. Each session starts with 30-minutes of circuit training, followed by a 20-30 minute education session and ends with a second 30-minutes of circuit training. The exercises in the circuit address cognition, vision, vestibular, balance, endurance, and neck dysfunction, as well as a 10-minute 1:1 self-management session with the occupational therapist.


What This Means…
For Patients and Families:
Improving outcomes to maximize participation in work, self-care, leisure
For Clinicians: Supporting decision-making and effective and efficient care delivery
For Administrators: Accessing better data to make decisions about resources and priorities
For Researchers: Building the evidence for what works best to optimize individual outcomes
For our Organization: Leading the field in brain injury clinical intervention research

Western University

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