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Privacy and Confidentiality Disclaimer 


  • Connect to the virtual program in a quiet area with minimal distraction (pets, children, TV, background noise, etc.) 

  • Only allow support staff or individuals in a virtual area  

  • Personal health information and personal information may be shared during virtual group, participant agrees to maintain confidentiality and not disclose other participant’s personal information or personal health information outside of the virtual group environment.  

  • Students may be used for technical support and safety, both prior to the session and during it. They will collect contact information and will only use it for this purpose. 

  • Participant understands that group participation is voluntary. 

  • Sessions will not be recorded. 

  • Ensure phones, tablets, and computers are properly shut down when the group ends. 



Safety Considerations: 

  • As with any movement there is risk of injury. You will be moving your joints through their natural range of motion. This is done either on their own or with the help of another limb. For instance, if the left side of your body is more affected than the right side of your body you can use your right arm to help move your left arm.   

  • The class will be performed in a seated position. Ensure there is enough space around your chair to safely move your arms and legs. If you are in a wheelchair make sure your brakes are on and seat belt attached if needed.  

  • It is your responsibility to know your own body's limitation and stay within a safe pain-free range.  

  • Many of you may be deconditioned due to the barriers COVID has presented in regards to staying active. If for any reason you are unsure about your personal safety to participate it is your responsibility to clear this with your physician.  


  • This yoga class is done slowly and in a seated position bringing its risk level to low 

  • Physically moving your limbs may help in many ways.  

    • Increases circulation  

    • Increases range of motion in your joints, both strengthening and stretching your muscles. 

    • Aids in proper posture 

    • Increases energy level 

    • Decreases pain 

    • Decreases Spasms 

    • Decreases fluid retention 

  • Controlled breathing practice has been shown to  

    • Increase lung volume and respiration 

    • Improves digestion  

    • Diaphragmatic breathing increases body and mind relaxation  

  • Relaxation techniques  

    • Decreases Stress 

    • Improves sleep 

    • Enhances focus and mental clarity 

    • Increases a sense of wellbeing 

    • Decreases Pain 

  • Meeting with others (even though it is virtually) is important for social connection

    • Improves mood 

    • Improves motivation 

    • Has an overall positive impact  


Risks for not staying active 

  • Lack of movement and exercise can lead to secondary issues 

    • Contractures (decreased range of motion in joints) 

    • Heart disease 

    • Obesity 

    • Diabetes 

    • Skin ulcers, 

    • Urinary tract infections 

    • Increased pain 

    • Decreased quality of life  

  • Lack of social interaction can lead to a sense of isolation and even depression (especially at this time of with our worldly concerns) 

Liability Disclaimer:

I certify that I have no physical or mental condition that would prevent me from taking an active part in the Virtual Parkwood Fitness Centre Yoga program.  I have read the above and agree to abide by them. 

I, and my family or supporting individuals, agree that I will have no claim against the Parkwood Fitness Centre, Program Staff, Students and Volunteers, or Parkwood Hospital for any injury suffered by me arising out of, or in connection with, my participation in the Virtual Parkwood Fitness Centre. 

If my physical or mental condition should change while in the program, I agree to inform the Program Staff as soon as possible.  I also agree to abide by the Program Staff’s decision regarding further attendance in the program. 

In the event of a concern or issue with confidentiality, privacy and liability, the group facilitators will notify SJHC Parkwood Institute Patient Relations, Privacy and Risk Consultant Krista Lake ext. 64545 for support. 

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