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Stephanie Cornell

Stephanie Cornell


Stephanie is a physiotherapist at Parkwood Institute who received her Masters of Physical Therapy from the University of Western Ontario in 2011. She is currently the Clinical Development and Implementation Lead of the Rehabilitation Program and teaches part-time at the Physio School at Western. She has a strong background in activity-based therapies, with specific specialization in locomotor training technologies.


She has long been imbedded in a practice-based research environment at Parkwood Institute and is currently involved the Provincial SCI Consortium and PRIME work and supports innovative clinical programming aimed at improving the health outcomes of individuals with mobility impairments. Stephanie is loving the R2P concept and team and works with a really special group of people at Parkwood!

Clinical Development and Implementation Lead, Rehab Program - The Gray Centre

Physiotherapist - Parkwood Institute

Projects and Activities


SCI IEQC Consortium

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