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Dalton Wolfe

Dalton Wolfe


Dalton is the lead of the R2P team, which reflects his passion for re-defining how researchers might work alongside practitioners and their patients to generate new knowledge at the same time as improving care and clinical outcomes. His primary research interest is in the area of knowledge mobilization and best practice implementation with a focus on physical activity, activity-based therapies and self-management.


R2P initiatives employ implementation science and participatory research methods to put in place practice-based research infrastructure with the goals of “learning while we are doing” and “improving while we are evaluating”. Dalton enjoys music and also loves all things nature (often boring people on hikes by pointing out all the different species of birds or some useless fact about this tree or that flower). He hopes to become proficient at curling over the next few years (ideally in time for the 2026 Winter Olympics).

Scientist, Parkwood Institute Research - R2P, Lawson Health Research Institute

Assistant Professor, School of Health Studies - Western University

Adjunct Professor, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry - Western University

Projects and Activities

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