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The Spinal Cord Knowledge Mobilization Network


The Spinal Cord Knowledge Mobilization Network (SCI KMN) is

a Community of Practice that has evolved out of a national Best Practices Implementation (BPI) effort. The SCI KMN’s mission is to adopt and utilize the best available practices in spinal cord injury care to improve health outcomes for persons with spinal cord injury with demonstrated economic impact through implementation science leading to innovations in clinical practice.

Our main goals:

(1) To translate available evidence into clinical practice through the development and application of SCI practice resources and utilization of implementation science

(2) To strengthen and sustain knowledge mobilization infrastructure and facilitating environments

(3) To contribute to the evidence based of SCI care and the science of implementation

The SCI KMN began in January 2011 and is currently funded until March 2016. The intent is for capacity to be built during this funding period such that the sites will be left with a legacy of Implementation Science (IS) expertise that can lead future BPI activities that include the potential to scale out across the continuum of care on a sustained basis.

In Collaboration with:
SCI-U for Healthy Living
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