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Maintaining a physically active lifestyle outside of provided rehab services is difficult, but is more difficult to monitor. This project looks to see how wearable activity trackers can be used to monitor a patient's activity level outside of therapy sessions and determine if increasing intensity can influence their overall function at discharge.


To maximize physical function and mobility to improve independence during a patient's course of rehab.

  • Determine if the intensity of activity reported by the patient reflects the intensity of activity reported by the sensors

  • Examine the correlation between sensor reported outcomes and standardized outcomes in clinical practice

  • Assess the overall feasibility of using wearable sensors in persons with neurological conditions

What this means...
  • For Patients & Families: Encourage more physical activity in rehab!

  • For Clinicians: Support in making decisions and patient centered care!

  • For Administrators: Access to better data to make decisions about resources and priorities!

  • For Researchers: Build the evidence for what works best to optimize outcomes!

  • For Our Organization: Lead the field in Mobility and Activity Research!

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