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PRIME-UL is a spin off of PRIME (Parkwood Rehabilitation Innovations in Mobility Enhancement) and was born from the idea that "although walking is important, people have arms too!" This project is made possible through the collaboration of clinicians, researchers and students. Its focus is primarily on enhancing upper limb function for persons with spinal cord and acquired brain injury.


To provide the best therapy to the right person at the right time to enhance upper limb function.

  • Develop a comprehensive upper limb staging tool to inform clinical decision making and treatment

  • Develop analytic models that will create treatment recommendations as part of an electronic decision support system

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of this system

What this means…
  • For Patients & Families: Improved upper limb function, means more independence - returning to work, play, and life!

  • For Clinicians: Support in making decisions and delivering innovative therapies more efficiently!

  • For Administrators: Access to better data to make decisions about resources and priorities!

  • For Researchers: Build the evidence for what works best to optimize outcomes!

  • For Our Organization: Lead the field in Activity Research!

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