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Modules to Enhance Care (MECs)

MECs are a set of grassroots programs, initiated by frontline clinicians and patients on the Regional Rehabilitation program at Parkwood Institute. Intensity of treatment matters when it comes to neurological recovery so it is important for patients to have access to the right therapies at the right time. Together with the Research 2 Practice (R2P) group and the Schools of Health Sciences and Kinesiology at Western University, MECs have been developed in two different forms:

  • Group programming - to help individuals work towards fitness, function, and self-management goals

  • Facilitation of an increased use of technological modalities, such as the Lokomat or Functional Electrical Stimulation bikes and stepper

MECs reflect a true integration of clinical, research and education, and have tremendous potential to be scaled up. Therapists, researchers, and hospital administrators are working together with persons with lived experience and students to develop enhancements to activity-based therapies.


To provide the best therapy to the right person at the right time and enhance mobility and other functional outcomes.

  • Enhance mobility and other functional goals for individuals who have sustained a neurological injury through increasing intensity of therapy and access to technology

  • Promote and teach independence in lifelong fitness

What this means…
  • For Patients & Families: Better mobility means more independence - returning to work, play, and life!

  • For Clinicians: Support in making decisions and delivering innovative therapies more efficiently!

  • For Administrators: Access to better data to make decisions about resources and priorities!

  • For Researchers: Build the evidence for what works best to optimize outcomes!

  • For Our Organization: Lead the field in Mobility and Activity Research!

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