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Explore a curated collection of news articles highlighting the achievements of the R2P team over the past couple of years. Click on the image or text to read the entire article and relive some of our greatest moments as a team.


January 1, 2019

Embedded Implementation Science Research is part of a fulsome knowledge translation approach used by this team. It involves interdisciplinary collaboration amongst researchers, clinicians, administrators and persons with lived experiences. The team operationalizes new and existing clinical processes and assesses outcomes to inform improvements to practice.

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Innovation Award: Dr. Dalton Wolfe

January 1, 2022

For more than 30 years, Dr. Dalton Wolfe has been conducting innovative research to improve mobility for those who are facing long-term injuries, such as spinal cord and brain injuries. He is being recognized with the 2022 Lawson Innovation Award for this work.

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