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Dr. Swati Mehta

Research Scientist 

"Collaborating with the R2P team has given me the opportunity to engage with front-line clinicians and gain valuable experience in translating clinical research to meaningful change in rehabilitation practices."

Paul Garret

Former Patient 

"After months of focusing solely on my recovery, it felt good to shift gears and participate in something that would help future patients face the challenges of spinal cord injury. We were impressed that the R2P team was not only willing to share their expertise with us but was also willing to listen to us and value our input. It was, in some ways, cathartic to share our experience - myself as a patient, my wife as a caregiver."


Shannon Walters


"As a physiotherapist within the regional rehab program, R2P has provided me with a more purposeful clinical experience. The research is cutting-edge and meaningful because it engages clinicians AND patients to truly understand what is happening in practice. The symbiotic relationship that has been cultivated within the R2P team is something each team should strive for to ensure best practice remains current and ultimately each patient is pushed to reach their full potential and beyond!"

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